Samples of Family Members of Covid-19 Patients Taken Again

All 107 tested today were negative

Hamirpur, April 23,

The district administration had again taken samples of two Covid-19 patients in Hamirpur. Significantly, two patients of the district were tested negative on April 17. The health authorities tested over 370 primary and secondary contacts of both patients for corona virus.  But all of 370 were reportedly tested negative. Hence, the origin of infection of virus in both patients could not be established.

The health department had decided to re collect and examine the samples of family members of both covid-19 patients. It was  learnt that the team of health staff along with Sub Divisional Magistrate of Hamipur and Nadaun visited the houses of both patients and collected samples for investigation. Pertinently, there was no recent travel history of both patients. It was learnt that one patient had arrived Hamirpur on March 5 while other had not gone out of from last over two months.

Meanwhile, 567 samples were tested negative out of total 634 collected in the district after the outbreak of pandemic. The report of rest of samples was awaited till filing of this news report. All 107 samples were reportedly tested negative today.

Chief Medical Officer said that the report of rest of samples would be available by April 24.

Speaking on the re collection and examining the samples of covid-19 patients of the district she said that it would be done after 14 days as per the operating procedure.