Prices of vegetables fall in Himachal, economy may suffer heavy losses

Shimla: The growing havoc on one side of the corona is not only a threat to human life. Rather, this virus is also becoming a threat to India’s economy today. Everyday, everyone is troubled by the sudden decrease in the prices of things. There is nothing short of a major epidemic for traders. The pea consignments have started reaching the mandis from Giripar areas of Upper Shimla and Sirmaur. Pea mandis are reaching in greater quantities from the Theog and Karsog areas. Peas have increased in all the mandis as compared to the first week of April. About 130 tons of peas have been sent to Azadpur mandi in Delhi from the vegetable market till April 1 apple. Peas have also grown in small mandis. Daily 10 to 15 trucks are being sent from Shimla to Delhi. The government has given an open exemption to the farmers to take their products from all types of vehicles, big and small, to the mandis, there is less demand for vegetables in the outer states due to lockdown across the country. Due to this, farmers are not getting the price of peas as expected. In Dhal Mandi, peas are being sold for 20 to 25 rupees per kg. Farmers of Nahol Panchayat Dilip Verma, Ashok, Ashish, Baliram, Heer Singh, Ramesh, Veer Singh, Sahiram, Kewal Ram told that this year the yield of peas is more than the season but not getting the price. So far, peas have not been sold in Dhali at more than 20 to 30 rupees per kg. In the past years, peas were sold from 50 to 80 rupees per kg.