Covid-19 cases in India surge to 7,529, death toll at 242

World Count of Corona Virus Cases:

1,786,769 Deaths:109,275  Recovered: 405,726

New Delhi (QNB) April 12

With 1,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases in a day the total Covid-19 cases in the country have surged to 7,529 according to data of Union Health Ministry. As many as 242 deaths were reported in the country so far.

As of now 6,634 active COVID-19 patients in India, while 652 patients were discharged or cured of the disease. While one patient had migrated from the country, as reported.The government spokesman had said, “Lockdown and containment measures were important to fight Covid-19. Had we not taken measures then we might have had over Two lac cases at this time.”

With over 7,529 confirmed cases including 71 foreign nationals, Maharashra was the worst-hit state as it had recorded 1,574 total Covid-19 cases and 110 deaths so far, he added.

It was followed by Tamil Nadu 911 and Delhi 903 cases.

Other most-affected states according to the deaths recorded were Madhya Pradesh (33), Gujarat (19), Delhi (14) Punjab (11), Telangana (9), Tamil Nadu (8) Karnataka  and Andhra Pradesh 6 each, West Bengal (5), Jammu and Kashmir  and Uttar Pradesh 4 each, Kerala (2), Rajasthan and Haryana 3 each. The states including Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Mizoram have reported one death each.

Meanwhile the World Count of Coronavirus Cases is 1,786,769 with 109,275  Deaths and 405,726 persons had Recovered from the disease.