food grains become expensive in Shimla

Shimla: For the past several days, the havoc of Corona has not only been an enemy of life, but food is also becoming a crisis for the people. The epidemic crisis has also started increasing due to this virus. Prices of goods have also been increased in many places. People of Shimla will now have to pay more for shopping from flour to pulses. Flour has become expensive by two rupees and pulses from five to ten rupees per kg. According to the traders of Shimla’s grain market, there has been no supply of food grains for the city for the last two weeks. According to the information received, most of it have almost run out of stock. In two days, traders who have ordered pulses and flour in Delhi, have to pay more money for that. The price of pulses has increased from five to ten rupees per kg on wholesale. There are many businessmen who are not getting pulses from Delhi even at expensive rates. An enterprise of the grain market said that pulses are not being supplied from Delhi. Sanjeev Thakur, General Secretary, Shimla Business Board and businessman of Ganj said that pulses are getting expensive by five to ten rupees in Delhi itself.