Dev Kamarunag leave for International Shivaratri Festival on 14 feb

Sundernagar: Dev Kamarunag will leave for Chhoti Kashi Mandi from his residence Gota-Dhangyara on February 14 to inaugurate the International Shivaratri Festival-2020. Dev Kamarunag will have a grand meeting with Rajdevata Madho Rai in Mandi on 21 February. After this, the deity will sit in the Tarna temple. The gods will decide their 7-day journey on foot with the devaluas. At the same time, Dev Kamarunag Committee and Devalu have started implementing all preparations for the departure of Mandi. With the echo of traditional musical instruments, the deity will reach Mandi along with the caradars and devaluas. After this, the Shivratri Festival will duly begin. Bhishma, the deity’s deacon, has confirmed the deity’s departure. Let us know that until the big God Kamarunag does not reach Mandi, the acts of Shivaratri do not begin. DC welcomes him as soon as Dev Kamarunag arrives. After this, the deity performs a grand meeting with Lord Madhav Rai. Dev Kamarunag is the biggest deity of Mahashivaratri festival. Shivratri does not begin without their attendance. Devta’s Mandi Shivratri tour is accompanied by a month’s guest Nawaji. In this, Dev attends the homes of his devotees. Bless them. The gods were also angry with the district administration after animal sacrifice was stopped. But he was denied coconut. Police personnel will be deployed to protect Dev Kamarunag as soon as the deity leaves his residence in Kondi. The deity will be provided police protection with the departure of the deity. At the same fair, the police will be with Dev Kamarunag for protection.