PM Narendra Modi attacked the Congress during his speech in HP

Solan:Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addressing his second election rally today in the Solan constituency of Himachal Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress’ endemic corruption and political nepotism which significantly hampered the nation’s progress and asserted that the Opposition’s election agenda rested upon personal abuses while the BJP’s election agenda was about making India stronger

He also said, “Congress and it’s ‘mahamilavati’ friends postponed important decisions and the decisions that were taken, were also taken in such a way that the country had to bear the brunt of it.

However, Modi’s campaign in these elections is all about enhancing India’s image internationally, no matter how much they abuse this ‘Chowkidar.’ It is quite ironic that those that are themselves out on bail for their illegal and corrupt actions are abusing and questioning me.

The people of the country clearly remember the poor track record of governance during the UPA days which led to massive corruption, double-digit inflation and severe distress for farmers.”