Claims And Counter Claims On Development To Hit Election Campaign In Hamirpur Constituency

Hamiprur April 18, (Quest Research Team)

The development, corruption and public interaction would be major political issues in the ensuing loksabha elections in Hamirpur parliament.  Significantly, out of last 30 years, Hamirpur Parliament Constituency was represented by BJP candidates for over 28 years and two years by Maj. Gen. Retd. Bikram Singh of congress MP. The BJP MP’s who represented the constituency included Prem Kumar Dhumal, Suresh Chandel and Anurag Thakur.

As of now the stage for biggest political exercise of the world had begun in India with the announcement of general elections by Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora on March 10.

Both major parties BJP and Congress had fielded their best candidates for the election including Anurag Thakur from BJP and Ram Lal Thakur from Congress.

The Issues:

Since the constituency was represented by BJP for over 28 years, hence the BJP would be at the receiving end on the issues of development and had to face anti incumbency wave in the elections. The major issues that would surface in the campaigning for 17th loksabha in the constituency could be:

  1. Delay in construction of Four Lane Highway between Kangra and Shimla
  2. Delay in construction of four Lane Highway between Keeratpur and Manali
  3. Issue of compensation to four lane highway affected people
  4. Establishment of AIIMS and Hydro Engineering College in district Bilaspur
  5. Railway line to Bilaspur, Hamirpur and Nadaun as promised by BJP candidate
  6. Delay in establishment of campus of central university in Dehra
  7. Delayed establishment of Medical College Hamirpur
  8. Delay in establishment of IIIT engineering college at Una
  9. Assurance of making Airports in the constituency near Gagret in district Una and Jahu in district Hamirpur.
  10. Progress report on more than 25 national highways announced in the parliament.
  11. Utilization of Local Area Development fund available to member of parliament

Pertinently, BJP in the country was accusing congress for poor performance in the country and straggling development of the nation. Whereas in the constituency the responsibility of execution of centrally sponsored programmes and utilization of MPLAD fund may boomerang towards BJP campaign.

Moreover, the strategic campaigning of BJP candidate Anurag Thakur had taken the lead in the constituency as he was into election mode from last six months whereas congress had missed the opportunity by delaying the selection of candidate in the constituency. It was also observed that despite special instructions from AICC chief Rahul Gandhi congress was yet to unite and make its presence felt in the constituency. A meeting of senior level leaders of congress party was organised on April 14, 2019 at Hamipur to activate the rank and file of the party but still cold response of the workers and local leaders was persisting which could lead to debacle of the party again in the constituency.