Corona Virus testing Lab to be operational at Hamirpur amid political scuffle

Hamirpur, July 02

The Corona Virus testing Lab to be operational at Dr. Radhakrishanan Government Medical College and Hospital from July 3. Significantly, the lab was established in government medical college here by spending over Rs. 35 lac. The letter of state planning department issued on April 16, 2020 indicated that the fund was spent from the MLA local area development fund of MLA Nadaun on his recommendation. 

Dr. Basu Sood Advisor Planning to state government said in the letter that though the MLA LAD funds were discontinued for next two years by the state government but as some deputy commissioners had already sanctioned the funds prior to the notification hence such funds were approved by the government in latter and spirit.

Meanwhile, PGIMR Chandigarh had approved to make the testing laboratory operational yesterday hence the first corona virus sample would be tested here tomorrow.

Dr. Anil Chauhan Principal of the Medical College said that the PGIMR had approved the laboratory and had supplied the required regents for the laboratory that had arrived today. The testing at the laboratory would commence from tomorrow, he added.

BJP and Congress loggerhead on Influenza testing lab

Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu MLA Nadaun

The claims and counter claims

The leaders of ruling BJP and Congress party were fighting to take credit of Influenza testing lab installed at Dr. Radhakrishanan government Medical College and hospital here. The machine was purchased and delivered at the hospital about 11 days ago.

On June 29 Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu MLA Nadaun came to the medical college to review the installation of RT-PRC machine. He said that the machine was purchased from the funds he had given from his booty of MLA LAD.

On June 30 Narender Thakur MLA Hamirpur addressed media and claimed that the machine was purchased by the government and not from the MLALAD of Sukhvinder Singh who is also MLA from Nadaun Constituency. He also alleged that the MLA Nadaun had misled people on the issue.

Kuldeep Singh Pathania former MLA

On July 1, congress leader and former MLA Kuldeep Pathania came out with a letter of sanction of funds amounting to Rs. 35 lac addressed to medical college. The letter was indicative of release of fund from MLA LAD of Nadaun. Kuldeep Pathania said that Narender Thakur was trying to mislead people and trying take political advantage. He said that instead of appreciating Narender Thakur was he was politicizing the issue to gain popularity. Sunil Sharma Bittu also said that BJP leaders were misleading people on all issues including health, development and public welfare. He said that MLA Narender Thakur had failed to stand to the expectations of public.