Veterinary Dispensaries to Open in Himachal

Shimla: April 16


After prolonged period of lockdown, the state government has decided to open all veterinary hospitals in the state. Significantly, the movement of Himachali nomads had started from plains to hills. The government has allowed free movement of livestock in the state restrictions in the red zone and hotspots.

The department has set up five transit camps in Thulel, Khargat, Lahru, Berangal and Koti of Chamba to provide veterinary assistance. So far 280 sheep groups have entered the Chamba district. The migration of Gujjar community with livestock in Chamba has not started yet. The Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department in Kangra has been appointed as the nodal officer for transportation of fodder in and outside the state. According to sources, the Himachal government spokesman said that in the event of the current lockdown, veterinary institutions are providing regular veterinary services. Veterinary dispensaries are providing emergency services. According to the instructions of the Chief Minister, priority has been given to nomadic people in the state. Free movement of livestock has been allowed.