MLA Haris injured in low-intensity Bengaluru blast

Delhi: Shantinagar MLA Nalapad Ahmed Haris, of the Congress party, was among those injured in a low-intensity blast in Bengaluru late on Wednesday. Haris was attending a cultural event related to late Tamil leader MGR’S birthday, when the incident happened. Haris has sustained burn injuries in his feet and is being treated at St. Philomena Hospital. According to multiple reports, police suspect the role of a firecracker, a lot of which were being burst nearby. One of them reportedly fell near his chair. “There was a cracker show,” Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao. “Immediately after the cracker show, there was a minor blast. Our officials including the ACP and DCP have reached the spot.”

The MLA’s son Mohammed Nalapad, who was at the spot, claimed it was “as though someone aimed and threw an explosive substance at his father”, “Fortunately it did not hit him. But it hit the hand of the person sitting next to him and fell on the floor of the stage making a loud explosiove sound,” he said. According to Deccan Herald, he said, “If it had fallen on the chair he was supposed to sit on, god help us. But, it hit the floor and fell next to him. It looked as though it was thrown at him. This was planned. I have faith in the police. The blast took everyone by surprise. My father has no police or personal security.” According to the latest reports, four people sustained minor injuries in the blast, and further medical evaluations are being conducted.