Rafting in Beas river to encourage Adventure Sports

Dinesh Kanwar

Hamirpur: To kick start rafting in Beas near Nadaun was initiative of Kiran Bhadana Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) . She encouraged locals to come forward for rafting  and make this a job generation option for the youth.

The trial run was conducted on Novemeber 17 this year in which Harikesh Mena Deputy Commissioner, Arjit Sen Thakur Superintendent of Police and Kiran Bhadana went on rafting expedition from Nadaun river bank to Chamba Pattan river bank with rafting expert Nitin Kumar.

Kiran Badana said that the area offered  opportunities for multiple activities and could emerge as tourist destination. She said that being rafting major attraction number of camping, trekking, climbing and fishing sites could be developed to attract tourists to this  region. She said that an expert trained rafter Nitin from Uttrakhand was given permission for rafting .  He would do rafting between Nadaun and Chamba Pattan.

She said that rafting had been successful in job generation in many parts in the country and the state as well. It had added a feather in the tourism activity as clubbed together with other activites including paragliding, night camping, zip lining and trekking and hope for the same here, she added.

Meanwhile, Major RC Sharma a retired army officer had taken the lead in starting Rafting in the Beas River along with other Adventure activities. Talking to Hill Quest he said that it was his dream to make region a new tourist destination.

He said that he had started camping site on the right banks of river that offered multiple adventure activities including river rafting, river crossing, jungle trips, trekking and hiking etc. He said that people interested in camping activities could reach us by visiting our website www.ultimatesurvivalcampsite.com

The rafter Nitin said that the flow of water in the river comes under ‘Rapid-1’ which was considered as safest water for rafting. So here rafting would not be risky and people could enjoy longer time duration in the waters, he added.

Note: Rapid-1 is easy moving water with small waves and least or no obstacles. While Rapid-2 has moderate difficulty, clear passages, rapid waves rising upto three feet and could tug the boat to the extent that is easy to handle.

The rafting:  Rushing downstream